Saving one person from homelessness will not change the world.

But for that one person ... the world will change forever.

Our Mission

We help Make home.

Alodgio Consulting, LLC shares Kip Tiernan’s belief in the power of home. Kip was an advocate for people often ignored and mistreated and founded the first women-only shelter in the United States. Alodgio is inspired by Kip’s work and strives improve the lives of the homeless in our neighborhoods.

Kip Tiernan Memorial
Our principal, MaryBeth Matta (in black), accepting a national award for a supportive housing project's 10-year anniversary.

We excel in service.

We strive to be a national leader in providing innovative technical assistance to our clients in the development and sustainability of multifamily supportive housing. We are there through the whole process, from site selection to obtaining funds to leasing up the property. We streamline the development process and deliver high performance every time. We do so as a WBE Enterprise certified by NYC.

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We succeed.

Alodgio has a virtually perfect record in securing competitive funds, such as 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credits. We have extensive knowledge in Tax-Exempt Bonds/ 4% Low Income Housing Tax Credits; the Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit, state housing and historic tax credits, commercial financing and companion financing. Our strong contacts in the tax credit syndication industry assist us coast to coast.

Lindsay v2
Our principal, MaryBeth Matta, with a young tenant.
"The only alternative to homelessness is a home."
Kip Tiernan
homeless advocate
Our Services

Alodgio helps you to understand your needs and provide you with a free, simple feasibility analysis. If the project appears feasible, we will work closely with you to provide you with one or more detailed options and assist you in understanding each and the regulators that govern them.
If you are starting up a supportive housing project, call MaryBeth at 646-647-1300 ext.4 for a free feasibility analysis.


After our intensive analysis of your project, we acquaint you with pros and cons. We’ll apply for the project’s funds, working closely with you to execute complex transactions for your project. Once funds are committed, we assist you in all aspects of the development process from procurement of consultants to relationships with underwriters. Call Caitlin at 646-647-1300 ext. 1 for an analysis of your project.


We assist you with the myriad of pre-development tasks from the selection of the architect, general contractor, attorneys and the other necessary professionals who have knowledge of the product type. We can help you in finding sources of funds for pre-development activities to take the pressure off of using valuable equity, if available. To see how we can help with pre-development, call us at 646-647-1300.

Follow through

Our consultants are there at every stage, from the genesis of the idea, through construction, to the lease-up of the project. We provide asset management services. We assist with high-level oversight of the property management team, compliance and investor relations. You decide how much or how little of our services to use.
Call us at 646-647-1300 to learn more about how we can serve you.

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Our Experience
successful years in business (and counting).

For over 26 years, Alodgio Consulting, LLC, previously known as The Roche O’Donnell Group, has advised its clients on the development of multifamily and mixed use supportive housing projects. We do so as a WBE Enterprise certified by NYC.

Alodgio Consulting assists you from site selection to lease-up and all phases in between, or you can ask for assistance with a limited scope of work. We are here to serve you and help make home.

Our Team

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Our Team

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